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"My Confidence Levels Are So Much Higher Due To My Stabiliteeth."

Before I met Dr. Jay, my teeth had started to separate in the front and it just got worse and worse. It turned out because I had periodontal, and it affected my confidence 100% because I always had a big smile, big laugh, and I was embarrassed to speak to people.

Before I met Dr. Jay, my teeth had started to separate in the front and it just got worse and worse.

Dr. Marshall:

Micah came on an emergency basis. She had been struggling with her teeth for quite some time, to the point that she needed a solution. She was in pain frequently and she wanted to stop living in pain, first of all. She also wanted beautiful teeth again.


I didn’t think it would be something I’d ever be able to have fixed. I was trying to come to terms with it and, but it got painful. I had some serious pain one morning, and I realized I need to go see a dentist and have something done. Dr. Jay was able to get me in an emergency visit and he had to pull a tooth. Me and him got speaking, and he seemed pretty confident that he could help my situation, so I trusted him. I’ve been more than pleased, more than happy.

Dr. Marshall:

The fact that, now, she has Stabili-Teeth and it’s a permanent solution, that’s not coming out and staying with her 24 hours a day. She comes in and sees us so we maintain it, so she can smile everyday for the rest of her life. She’s ecstatic.


This was life changing. I could see it in people’s eyes, when I would laugh real big, they’d be like, “Oh.” Now, I have a nice smile again. I feel like people respond to me better again, how I was used to.

Dr. Marshall:

Her case obviously turned out fantastic. Her confidence levels are top of the moon right now, and she’s loving her new Stabili-Teeth.

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